Science, music and architecture play an important role in my practice. In regular intervals this leads to collaborations with musicians, dancers and specialists of diverse fields. The context always informs the content, form, material and dimension of my work.
Similar to the architectural approach, exploration through model making is part of the process. These models often precede the larger installations, but sometimes are also created as a follow-up reflection on the subject afterwards. These resulting small sculptural pieces can be specific models or abstractions of the theme at hand and be seen as independent pieces of art.

Throughout the last years I have been working with themes like quantum physics, climate and thermodynamics and combined them with choreography and sound. Projects like ‚Dictum of Nature‘ looks at geometrical formulas developed in theoretical physics. ‚(In)Finite‘ became a performative object in collaboration with the UNESCO. The ‚Well- Tempered Hygrometer‘ is a sculptural installation comprised of wood and horse hair, that reacts to relative humidity and wind. The continuous revolving ‚Magic Lantern‘ is set into motion through heat.