Lecture: water-based projects (IN)FINITE as part of ‘Still Water. Politiken des Wassers’
When: 22.Nov. 2018 // 19h
Where: Hospitalhof Stuttgart // Evangelisches Bildungszentrum // Büchsenstr. 33 // 70174 Stuttgart
What: a lecture as part of a group show addressing the politics of water, where my piece (IN)FINITE is beeing shown
More Info: www.hospitalhof.de

Exhibtion: (IN)FINITE as part of ‘Still Water. Politiken des Wassers’
When: 02.Oct. – 22.Nov. 2018
Where: Hospitalhof Stuttgart // Evangelisches Bildungszentrum // Büchsenstr. 33 // 70174 Stuttgart
What: a group show addressing the politics of water
More Info: www.hospitalhof.de
Opening 02.Oct. 2018, 19h, introduction: Marie-Luise Namislow und Carolin Wurzbacher, curators
Finissage: 22.Nov. 2018, 19h lecture Anna Kubelík

Performance: ME+ in Beijing
When: 23-24.June 2018
Where: Goethe Institut Peking // Cyber Tower //Building B, 17/F. // No. 2, Zhong Guan Cun South Ave. // Haidian District // Beijing 100086 // VR China
What: an immersisive audio-performance in Chinese and German
More Info: https://www.goethe.de/ins/cn/de/kul/res/rek/21236934.html
Announcement over wechat: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iQw2kMSf7npDFL3wHqD1Qw
further interview: https://www.goethe.de/ins/cn/en/kul/sup/gzk.html

Radiobroadcast: ‘skull ark, upturned with no mast’

Installational concert: skull ark, upturned with no mast
When: 2. – 9.June 2018
Where: Münchner Biennale // whiteBOX.art // Atelierstraße 18 // D-81671 München // Germany
What: a concert performance resulting from a collaboration with Clara Iannotta (composer) and the contribution of Eva G. Alonso (light)
More Info: www.muenchenerbiennale.de
further performances:
15.8.2018 // mikromusik Berlin
6. – 10.2.2019 // ECLAT Festival Neue Musik // Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Residency: New Edition of “Me+” in Beijing
When: Residency from April-June 2018
Where: Beijing, China
What: Together with Tarik Goetzke we are developing a new edition of the performance ’Me+’. Learning from our project in Rome we are currently working on a Beijing version thanks to the Geothe Institut Beijing. If you have missed the Rome edition, have a look here: www.annakubelik.com/portfolio/ich-audiovisual-immersive-performance/
More info: www.goethe.de

When: 7.Dec 2017 // 18:30h – 21:30h
Where: Martin-Gropius-Bau // Niederkirchnerstraße 7 // 10963 Berlin // Germany
What: presenting the projects done at the Villa Massimo in Rome in the past year

Lecture: ’Collaboration’
When: 20.Nov 2017 // 18h
Where: Cornell University in Rome // Palazzo Santacroce // Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 6 // 00186 Roma RM // Italy
What: lecture about my practice focusing on the aspect of collaboration
More Info: http://events.cornell.edu/event/anna_kubelik_collaboration

Talk: ’Practice’
When: 8.May 2017 // 11am – 12:30am
Where: Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma // www.accademiabelleartiroma.it
What: lecture about my practice

Installation: ‘Sound Corner’ at the Auditorium Rome
When: 1-31.May 2017 // 11am – 8pm and before concerts
Where: Auditorium Parco della Musica // Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30 // 00196 Roma // Italy // www.auditorium.com
What: sound installation by Michael Tuttle that was created through collaboration for our show ‚Dcitum of Nature‘ in Stuttgart

Exhibition: ’Start-Up! // Multiples + Series’
Gallery Show
When: Opening 28.April 2017 // Thurs – Sat 3-11pm // 29.+ 30.April extended hours 1-7 pm //  Exhibition through 27.May 2017 // Thurs – Sat: 3-7pm and by appointment
Where: dr. julius | ap // Leberstraße 60 // D–10829 Berlin // Germany // www.dr-julius.de
What: Showing some pieces within a group show

Studio presentation: ‘Incontri negli Atelier’
Anna Kubelik & Nezaket Ekici
When: 29.March 2017 // 7-9pm
Where: Villa Massimo // Largo di Villa Massimo, 1-2 // 00161 Rome // Italy // www.villamassimo.de
What: Showing the work I have been doing in Rome, there will be Photos of the event availbale on the Villa’s website

Open Studios at Villa Massimo
When: 26.Oct. 2016 // 7-9pm
Where: Villa Massimo // Largo di Villa Massimo, 1-2 // 00161 Rome // Italy // www.villamassimo.de
What: Showing the first sketch of what I am planning to do in Rome

Exhibition: ‘IceZeit’
A One Day Exhibition showing and listening to the ephimeral
When: 2.July, 2016 // 10am-6pm
Where: Museümli // Altendorferstrasse // CH-9470 Buchs // Switzerland // www.museümli.ch
What: Iced Sound Installation

Exhibition: ‘Accrochage +’
Excited to be showing a piece within in a group show in a great gallery in Berlin
When: Exhibition from January 29 through March 5, 2016 // Thursday – Saturday 3 – 7 pm and by appointment
Where: dr. julius | ap 2016 Accrochage + // dr. julius | ap // Leberstrasse 60 // D-10829 Berlin // www.dr-julius.de
What: A piece (Drawing/Modell)

I am so happy and proud to be published with my project ‘Movigami’ in this wonderful book.
Its been published in English
…and German
…and probably some other languages…

Villa Massimo – ‘Rome Prize’
When: 2016-2017
Where: Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy
What: Residency / Stipend: Click here for Press release

Akademie Schloss Solitude
When: 2015-2016
Where: Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
What: Residency / Stipend: Click here for Press release

When: June-July 2015
Where: OMI, New York
What: Residency and Open Studio Show

Lecture: 2015 Werkschau
When: 3.June 2015 // 17:30h
Where: Schloss Werdenberg Schlossweg, 9470 Buchs
What: Subject will be my work and process

Exhibition: Well-Tempered Hygrometer Part II – ON TOUR
When: 22.-31. May 2015 // Times vary (average: 14h -19h)
Where: Schloss Werdenberg Schlossweg, 9470 Buchs
What: My piece ‘Well-Tempered Hygrometer’  has been extended with a sound element, which  is the result of a collaboration with Simon Goff (composer and musician).

Exhibition: Global Paper III – International Paperart Triennial
When: 17. May – 18. October 2015 // Opening 16. May, 19h
Where: Museen der Stadt Deggendorf:
What: ‘Raumbild-Bildraum’ was the result of the collaboration between Sabine Ammer (painter), Marlene Racker (dancer) and myself. The process is the work of art and hence the film by Sabrina Knierim will be shown in this exhibition. https://www.annakubelik.com/portfolio/raumbild-bildraum/

Exhibtion for one night only: ‘Well-Tempered Hygrometer Part II

8.April 2015 19-21h @ Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin : MORE INFO HERE

Concert / Konzert am 24.1.2014 um 21h im HAU 2
Ultraschallfestival: MORE INFO HERE

Publications / Veröffentlichungen:
CODAmagazine: Suspended in Space: http://flip.it/HitNI