for 12 people in 12 minutes

Two brothers, a mother, a father, a grandmother, a foster father, a son, an uncle, a grandfather, a daughter, a breast-feeding foster mother look at the creation of the eternal city. The visitor is immersed into the story by taking a singular point of view of a murderer, an impregnated woman, a rapist, an heir, a tyrant, a prisoner, a mammal, a silent heroine and also that of the killed brother.

Me+ is an audio-visual immersive performance, where you have the opportunity to take a viewpoint of one family member in this ‘Romulus & Remus’ story.

You have at least sixteen great-great-grand parents. The connection to relatives is simply there – no matter how different characters are, biologically you are connected. This was our point of interest. Each visitor to the performance wears headphones and each listens to a different voice, depending on which family member they are within the story. For the recordings we chose to use a Neumann Head, which captures the sense of space and location audibly. Additionally we made use of a virtual reality headset that each visitor gets to look through briefly throughout the performance in order to show another layer of the story.

Further Performance: 07. Dezember im Martin-Gropius- Bau.

LIVESTREAM: Villa Massimo 22.Juni 2017 18:30h-23h